Literary Moment-1

I met a teacher when I was in middle school. She once took me to the “War Memorial of Korea”. The place was made for the soldiers from over 20 different countries who fought for the Korean war. Since then I started to think more about the Korean War. She recommended a book and told me to write about it. After writing, I realized that it influenced on my value system. How I looked at things changed from the past after reading the book. The title of the book “The Monsoon Season” is similar to the time when the Korean war began. No one can be free from the damage and pain it entails. The endless boredom of the rainy season is what the war shows to us. Two conflicting family in the novel reconcile after a tragic event occurs. I thought it is impossible to get over the idealogical difference between South and North Korea. However it was same that they had to go through this tragic war. It is unnecessary to conflict with same people who are only going to be harmed from the war. The difference can be overcame by the cultural homogeneity between South and North Korea. This will someday lead to the unification of Korea. If it were not for the teacher who told me about this book, I could not have made an opportunity to learn a lesson from it.

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