class note (3/28)

too much oil-limited non renewable resources

too much water- limited resource, slowly renewable

unhealthy- we have to be trained to eat as much as we do

impoverished food culture-out of balance, “lost” knowledge

What the world eats

The consumption patterns changed over last 50 years across the world. During 1961~1971, grain consumption increased from 1085 calories to 1169 calories. The consumption of grain, sugar and fat also increased for next ten years. Consumption of dairy, eggs, meats and others remained constant during this time. People consumed more grain, sugar and fat for next ten years. Consumption of meat also increased while dairy and eggs decreased. Intake of Grain decreased for next 20 years while meat, sugar, and fat increased substantially. Meat consumption has nearly doubled since 1961. This trend shows how much the population and industry has grown. South Korea’s meat consumption has increased by 83% compared to 1961, and the rate increased by 30% in US. This correspond to one of the Bittman’s claim that the world’s population doubled and meat consumption increased five-fold from 1950 to 2000.

class note 3/26



US lack of food culture-american eat all kinds of ethnic food, but most other cultures focus on their own food

How much oil goes into food production

I would change my diet from eating industrially produced food to eating less reliant on industrially produced food.  More vegetables would be included in my diet.



Reading Kingsolver


Push factors: poverty, and people are being too religious

Desert environment

Pull factors: more freedom, respect individual’s different tastes

Better food services,

Better environment with wooded mountains and pasture.


The knowledge old generation had was about agricultural basics which brought intuitive sense on farming. For example the season certain fruits and vegetables ripen, the way to preserve them, how their looks change as season changes. This knowledge is essential for knowing how and when to look after foods.



Cheap corns and soybeans were formerly food for people and animals. These became high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and thousands of other oil based chemicals.

Naturally based to a highly mechanized production system.

The packages of foods have gotten bigger to accommodate increased demand of calories.


Genuine food culture is an relationship between people and the soil that is needed to grow food. The place people live is as same as the place where the soil is available. The soil is filled with dirt and nutrient food is needed to grow. The ingredients of food take steps to be formed.

class notes (3/21)


suburbs  took over farms


these times were pivet points for what we’ve got today

different ethics affect to various food consumption styles

It makes sense to raise animals industrially. I don’t have to consider moral and ethical aspect of eating industrially produced food since the purpose of those raised animals were originally not for something else other than eating.  Also cultural differences affect when it comes to judge whether or not it is okay to eat raised animals. While one side of culture admits there is no problem for eating certain food, others might think different.

class notes 3/19

whats wrong with the way we eat?

-daily foods are focused on fast foods

-no balanced nutrients in daily meals

Mark Bittman (3 thoughts, 2 questions, 1 analogy)

-methane is more poisonous than co2

-western diets is the major cause of diabetes, heart diseases

-changing the way we eat is beneficial to the earth environment

-why are there examples of healthy people when they keep western diets?

-How does our eating pattern affects our health?


changing the way we eat is like changing fixed pattern of our daily schedule.


My favorite food-steak cooked in medium well done. Typically eat in restaurants with family and friends. I feel better when I eat it

Food I hate-Usually don’t like sea foods. I don’t like fishy smell coming out of the dishes.  I feel rather unsatisfied when I think about it. I wouldn’t express my feelings directly when served in my friend’s house, I would just try to eat it.