Complete questions for re seeing the draft

  1. Me-Primary discourse is the foundation for many other discourses and one can be automatically included in this discourse.

Shamus-“Why is primary discourse the foundation and what does it consist of””


Explain more about primary discourse


According to Gee, primary discourse is the one people first use to make sense of the world and interact with others. It would be better for readers to understand the exact difference of primary and secondary discourse if I add more explanation here. One can gain primary discourse at home early in life and he form primary identity. This becomes the base for one to gain other discourses in the future.




2. Me-his story is a good example of Cuddy’s claim

Shamus-“Maybe just give a few words to wrap it up on why it is a good example”


Relation between Cuddy’s claim and example of Tyler

I think for the readers it would be better to add some explanations of Cudd’s claim and example of Tyler. At first I just ended up with one sentence after giving example of Tyler. Unlike Gee Cuddy thinks one can ultimately be in the discourse if he goes through constant involvement and practice. Tyler successfully entered into Korean discourse through solid process.


3. shamus-‘Maybe you could explain what mushfake is to give a better understanding instead of the reader being ‘blind’ while reading it


Me-one can fake as if he has a particular discourse and this will eventually lead him to the mastery of the discourse.

Shamus-“Why is this”

Explanation of mushfake and the mastery of discourse

The part where I annotated about mushfake could be added to this part of revision. By mushfaking, one can gain an opportunity to experience what a discourse is like. If he cannot acquire the discourse through this process, only limited mastery is possible. People only who successfully went through the acquisition can gain the literacy of the discourse. I will add more standard for the sentence above to make sense.  


explanation of sympathetic fallacy
the advance of primary discourse to the secondary discourse and the effect of home experience
Child’s oral text-simplified analogues of high literature
Disagree against Gee’s idea that only mushfake is possible and ultimate acquire is discourse is impossible

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