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Polyface is an example that shows people can properly use a soil by developing it autonomously rather than by leaving it alone. By using the mess chickens make in a day, Polyface Farm becomes completely self-sufficient in nitrogen. Chickens make steps on every square of foot during the season where they defecated copiously. These features make Polyface Farm distinct from any other farms. By copying the relationships found in nature, Polyface Farm becomes successful. Another feature of this farm is that it has an operation called ‘Eggmobile’. It stores four hundred laying chickens and allows other people to pick those up from outside. By using relationships between animals, this device contributes the birds to do effective job of sanitizing a pasture.


A holon is an entity that from one perspective appears a self-contained whole, and from another a dependant part. Eggmobile is one of the holons comprising the farm. Eggmobile relies on poops of cows and fertilizes the whole ground using those excretion. The turkeys and grape are other holons, and they each produce efficiently without using fertilizer, weeding, or pesticide. This concept of holon can be applied to another area. To get into the World Cup each countries have to compete against other countries in the same continent. This continent qualifiers is holistic from one angle, but it is dependent on larger part from another angle that it is just a pathway for entering into actual world cup.


“efficiency” is a term used in large scale industrial farms. Humans decrease the biodiversity of their lands to a small chosen species for their industrial system, and efficiencies are achieved through this simplification. Standardization and mechanization contribute to this simplification in industrial agriculture. The efficiency is measured by the yield of one chosen species per acre of land or farmer. Efficiencies of natural systems, in contrast to industrial system have features of complexity and interdependence. To measure the efficiency of natural system, you need to count both the products it produces and the costs it eliminates. Polyface farm takes advantage of natural species’ tendency in a way that benefits each other.


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