Reading Pollan 2


There are some kinds of human work that is involved in the Polyface Farms. Humans move the cattle every evening, drag the broiler pens, and tow the chicken coops. These all require physical, mental challenge, and ability to solve new problems. There are no institutional supports for this kind of farms. Institutional supports are provided to those where chemicals are regarded as important materials for the farm. Intelligence and local knowledge has been removed since machines and chemicals are in charge of farming in this farm. The owner of Polyface Farm does not need chemicals since the farm is treated as a biological system.


Monoculture farming has different features from Polyface Farms. Managing to raise single species of animal is not easy without the use of chemicals. “Meds just mask genetic weakness”. Meds, which is chemical medication hinder farmers from checking the inner conditions of cattle.


To accurately measure the efficiency of the farm the “450 acres” of wood lot has to be counted too. Wood lot is another important source of the farm. The water supply is dependent on this forest, trees in forest work like an air conditioner, and the trees also reduce evaporation in the fields thus making it possible to store more water in the grass. It multiplies farm’s biodiversity, and produces much more biomass than grass. The whole wood lot is not just a waste of land, but is a productive place for the farm.

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